An Angel

Who is it who takes my hand

At this untimely hour in this unknown land?

Who touches my skin

With bated breath?

Fingers already tainted with cold of death

“It’s alright,” he whispers

Though he is more scared than I

“We will be alright,

as long as stars are in the sky”

He breathes a light into the air

Cold sparks of stars ignite in his hair

His eyes are scared

His face is fair

He took my hand and held it tight

“Look,” he said, “the stars are still alight.”

‘Where are we?’ I said

“Don’t be scared”

As starlight caught in his hair

‘What is your name?’

“I don’t know.

I was born of starlight and snow

That fell in your backyard at night

And melted away by morning light

So you never knew it was there”

And starlight glittered in his hair

Then he looked up with a cry

For black and empty was the sky

Every star had burned out

And my heart trembled with doubt

‘Can you give me light again?’

“Only briefly, my life is at an end,”

Again he breathed light into the air

And again it caught and sparked in his hair

I looked around desperately

But soon realized there was nothing to see

Nothing burned into my eyes

And I screamed and clinged

To this man without a name

“I’m sorry,” he said

“That you had to see

The nothing that this world must be”

‘You brought me here

So tell me now

By any oath and every vow

Demon, ghost, spirit

Tell me what, I must hear it.’

“An angel only” he replied

“And one that has lost both God and sky”

‘Can you take me home?’

I begged

“This is your home,” he said,

“and as it ever was”


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