Good Times, Bad Times, I Know I’ve Had My Share

Good Tidings” title=”Good Times, Bad Times, I Know I’ve Had My Share”>So, adorable little girl. For a good chunk of your life, you will be bored. Like, for nearly another decade. But there will be moments of adventure. You’ll sit in canoe, surrounded by mountains, golden light slanting down them to reach the pages of the book you’ll read. You’ll hike up a mountain with a broken backpack and asthma. But you’ll make it. You’ll go on northern adventures, walk across frozen lakes, lie in the snow and watch the stars. You’ll paddle across lakes of amber and gold. You’ll play guitar by firelight and tell stories that enrapture your audience. That’s the thing, girl, you’re a story teller. When properly motivated, your voice will paint stories, stories your dad told you, late nights around campfires, s’mores still sticky on your hands. And some nights, when a spirit moves in you, oh baby you will write and the next morning read it and realize just how beautiful your soul is. Your writing will be acknowledged, you will briefly astound those around you. But its not all praise and sunlit adventures. You’ll struggle, with society, with life in general. You’ll have a long road coming to terms with how alone you are. But don’t worry, cuz you’ve always had that talent, that wonderful talent of finding beauty in anything. You know how to open windows and listen to music, how to take walks and close your eyes and dream. You’ll have your family to help you as well, your parents and your sister as well as some family that isn’t blood and a couple members that aren’t even human. You’ll be accepted by your dream school, and during that time grow exponentially. I’ll stop there, cuz that is where my adventure has just begun. I’d wish you good luck, but I know you’ve never had it.


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